My dog and the Rotary 4-Way-Test - by Erin Hansen

My Dog and the Rotary 4-Way-Test

The Rotary 4-Way Test is a central part of Rotary and was created to aid Rotarians in maintaining their high ethical standards in both their business and personal lives. There are four questions we ask ourselves:
1. Is it the truth?
2. Is it fair to all concerned?
3. Will it build goodwill and better friendships?
4. Will it be beneficial to all concerned?
The thing is, you need to be able to say YES to all four questions. It’s a great way to make sure you are demonstrating integrity in what you do. This isn’t always easy, but it is good for the soul. Here’s an entertaining example…

My dog Scooby loves to dumpster dive. He’s smart enough that he has figured out how to open the cupboard door, and get into the garbage can. Most of the time, he is able to demonstrate some self-control, but once in a while - especially if bacon grease is involved - he just can’t help himself.
Now, if Scooby were a Rotarian he might be able to use the four-way test to help him stay away from that tempting debris. For the first question, “Is it the truth?” Scooby could ask himself, “Hmmmm... do mom and dad like it when I dumpster dive? Truthfully, is this a good choice?” If the answer is not yes, he should refrain. However for Scooby, this is just too much. He is not after all, a Rotarian.

The truth question can be applied in another way as well, which is worth mentioning since like dogs, Rotarians can also make mistakes. This means being accountable for your error and trying to make up for it. For instance, when we find dog-drool sodden garbage shredded into little bits all over the carpet, Scooby could tell us the truth. He could own up and help us clean up the mess. He could learn from his mistake, make reparations, and try not to repeat it. This is what a Rotarian would do.

For the second question, “Is it fair to all concerned”, Scooby could ask himself…
"Hmmmmm….When I dumpster dive, I drag the garbage over to my favourite treat eating spot on the carpet. The carpet will need to be cleaned. Is this fair to mom and dad, who will have to clean up my mess? Also, the garbage I eat will likely include things that, though tasty, will make me sick. I might need to go to the vet. Is this fair to me?" The answer to both these questions is a resounding “NO”. Granted, itmight be fair to the vet, who will save the day and get thanked, but it’s not really fair to anyone else.

Next we have the third question, “Will it build goodwill and better friendships?“ Clearly, Scooby dragging garbage all over the floor will not build goodwill from our perspective as dog parents. Even if Scooby had a little dog friend who happily partook in the feast, this really isn’t fair to that dog either. They will both end up getting in trouble. Scooby needs to think long term, as well as short term and consider multiple perspectives. 

Finally the last question, “Will it be beneficial to all concerned?” Although it may be beneficial for Scooby (and potentially his little doggie brother) to enjoy a wonderful forbidden treat, it is not beneficial for anyone else. On the contrary, once we doggy parents find out about it, we will be annoyed and disappointed. Even if we don’t find out about it, I’m sure Scooby will probably feel guilty and ashamed. This will not be good for Scooby’s mental health.

Obviously, most ‘people scenarios, are much more complex than whether or not to dig out that decadent greasy paper towel from the garbage can. This makes it even more important to pause and consider the Rotary 4-Way-Test. Sometimes it’s hard to remain mindful of it in everything we do, but it’s a great habit to get into and is why you can trust a Rotarian.
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What is Rotary Anyway? - by Erin Hansen

What is Rotary Anyway?
This January, our Rotary Club of Moncton West & Riverview celebrated its 47th birthday. It’s an event we call Charter Night, and the atmosphere always reminds me of a much-anticipated family reunion, despite the fact we see each other at our weekly meetings. Charter Night provides an opportunity to look back on our efforts during the past year and celebrate the exemplary commitment of some of our members, as well as members of our local community.
Non-Rotarian community members who are honoured with a Paul Harris Award often aren’t very familiar with our organization. In fact, they tend to be surprised by how much Rotary does for the planet. This is largely because we Rotarians don’t like to toot our own horns. We do the things we do globally, nationally and in our communities, because we want to make the world a better place (regardless of religion, ethnicity, political affinity, age, gender identity, or any of the other issues that commonly divide the human race) - it’s that simple. However, I think it’s also important we educate others about our organization, and what we stand for. How else can we truly advance world understanding, goodwill and integrity?
As stated on the Rotary International Website, we are a global organization of people who believe we have a shared responsibility to take action on our planet’s most persistent and widespread issues. These include:
  1. Promoting peace
  2. Fighting disease
  3. Providing clean water, sanitation, and hygiene
  4. Saving mothers and children
  5. Supporting education
  6. Growing local economies
We are united in our mission to create lasting change in the world, whether it be globally, locally or personally. Rotary International has almost eradicated Polio from the face of the Earth. Our members design and build infrastructure that allows doctors, patients and governments to work together. Rotarians address the underlying causes for conflict like poverty, inequality, lack of access to education, and ethnic tension. We create opportunities to help individuals financially and/or socially via microloans, training, and agricultural opportunities to break the cycle of poverty. We collaborate with other charities to provide relief during periods of global crisis.
Our local clubs have the flexibility to determine the ways we can best take action, in our own communities, to find solutions aligning with Rotary’s 6 Areas of Focus. The Rotary Club of Moncton West & Riverview promotes local literacy, feeds our most vulnerable school children, and advocates for women at risk. We also organize international youth exchanges to foster increased cultural understanding for world peace. Have you noticed our logo at several of our local parks? Rotarians also build and enhance green spaces for our community to enjoy. That’s not all - we also partner with many other charitable organizations through our fundraising efforts. These local efforts are only the tip of the iceberg. I haven’t even talked about what our club does in the world at large, because that matters to us too.
Rotarians don’t do it for the glory. We believe true leaders are those who empower others, versus those who have the most power. No one is more important than anyone else – we are all part of the same team who share our combined skills and expertise to make our world a better place. We value diversity and a multidisciplinary perspective because that helps us see challenges in new ways to find unique solutions. We believe in Service Above Self and are in it for the long haul. We understand that solving complex problems takes real commitment and vision. We persevere and are passionate about what we believe in. We have been around for the past 110 years or so and are among the most fiscally responsible charities on the planet. Would you like to join our ranks? We likely have a place for you.
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Building Rotary Awareness

Posted on Jun 05, 2019
Rotary at the Becca Scofield All World Play Park

The meeting February 15, 2019 will be focused on Building Rotary Awareness.  We have club members speaking about their Rotary experiences, sessions and events and how they have impacted their Rotary Journey.
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Rotary supports Urban Hearts Campaign

Moncton launches ‘Our Urban Heart’ $5 million Partnership Campaign
Funds raised will support the Moncton Events Centre and Plaza
The family-friendly green space located at the back of the plaza will now be named the Rotary Park, in recognition of the Rotary Club of Moncton and the Rotary Club of Moncton West & Riverview's joint $200,000 donation.
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