In recognition of our 50th Anniversary Madam RI President Jennifer Jones reached out and shared these lines:
Dear Rotary Club of Moncton West & Riverview members, 

I am honored to congratulate the Rotary Club of Moncton West & Riverview, New Brunswick, Canada on its 50th anniversary. 
Since your club was chartered, you have made the commitment not only to represent Rotary in your community, but also to do significant, meaningful work from which your community will benefit.  

When we join Rotary, we make a commitment to Rotary values, to friendships and to a life of Service Above Self.  You should be proud of all that we have achieved together and the lives we will improve in the years ahead. 

We all feel the impact that Rotary service and Rotary values have on us … now it’s our opportunity to share that feeling with others. This is a year to Imagine Rotary by envisioning a world that deserves our best, where we get up each day knowing we can make a difference. We don’t imagine yesterday, we imagine tomorrow.  

We imagine a world without polio, with clean water for everyone. We imagine a world free of disease and where every child learns to read. We imagine kindness, hope, love, and peace.  

By reaching this milestone, you have shown a deep commitment to your members and to all that Rotary does and hopes to do.  

I’m asking you to turn our call to service inward as well. If we serve our members, we serve our communities. And if we provide comfort and care for our members, they will truly come to understand the power of Rotary. 

Congratulations once again on your 50 years. I know that you will continue to serve your community and beyond for many more years to come as we Imagine Rotary.  

Warmest regards, 
Jennifer Jones 
President , Rotary International 2022-23