Aug 05, 2022
Renée Charron
Shelter Movers

Renée began her career with the Federal Public service in 2013. She first fulfilled strategic advisory roles alongside various Assistant Deputy Ministers before working in trade development for creative industries.
In 2017, Renée began volunteering for Shelter Movers as Move Coordinator, Lead Mover, and Intake Coordinator in Ottawa. During this time, she had the opportunity to connect directly with Shelter Movers’ clients and volunteers, which gave her a greater understanding of the pressing demand for this service. In December 2020, Renée began working directly with the Shelter Movers’ Executive Team, where she gained a deeper appreciation of the organization’s inimitable impact. Renée left the public service the following year to commit herself full-time to the organization, where she began the expansion project to serve survivors in the Greater Moncton Area. In March 2022, Renée moved to Moncton to oversee this expansion. Renée has a bachelor’s in French Literature and Social Work from the University of Ottawa.