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Historical Notes and timelines


1973 -  January 29th Rotary International granted the club its Charter


Charter members


President                     John Hubbard

Vice President             Garry MacLean

Secretary                     Leighton Ryder

Treasurer                     David Sarty


Directors                     Arnold Clow, Rev. Mike McKee, Bernie O’Laney, Tom Lam


Sergeant-at                  Arms  Alex MacKay



Martin E Briggs, Robert Davidge, David Flemming

Caleb Dunn, Derek Hanney, George Hurrie

David MacKenzie, Jack McGill, Bernie Murphy

Curtis O’Connor, Frederick Rayworth, Edmund Tedford

Peter Porter, Gordon Sherrard


1974                          March saw our Annual Ham and Scallop begin as a fund raiser at the Lions Senior Citizens Centre.  This event became an annual event for over 30 years


1977                          January our first Paul Harris Award was given to our founding   President John Hubbard


                                    Sept 16th Doug Kirby was called on the cover 2 subjects-- number one Who put the Lobster Shells under one of the beds at Basil Cooks Cottage?  Number 2 Sportsmen Show the verbal kick in the rear that was issued at the meeting of Sept 16th  seems to have an effect lease sales are up 70%


                                    Also for the Sports Show Basil Cook advised he has procured the dunking booth for the Show.  Dan Jardine volunteered to obtain the dunkees


1970’s                       Fund Raising Programs included Sportsman Show at the Moncton Coliseum (dates not confirmed)



1981                          The newsletter was called the Spokesman


                                    November 14th Night at the Races a Casino Night with cocktails at 8pm gaming at 9pm and a mid night buffet


1982                          Dave Levey Past President of our Club became District Governor of 7810


                                    The first van from the club was donated to Moncton Headstart      


1983                          The Club sponsored the first Rotary Exchange Program in our District Celso Hilgert Jr. from Brazil was endorsed by District 464 and sponsored by the Rotary Club Patobranco


                                    The Club sponsored a pancake breakfast on April 30th


                                    Our newsletter was called The Friday Brew


                                    Mountain Ridge Desert Classic became an annual event



Headstart Redevelopment well underway with construction in it’s final 


                                    February Charter Night with an induction ceremony of new members Phil DesRosier, Jim Cullen, Dave Close, Steve Wilbur.

The event was colorful with pomp and ceremony led by Bernie O’Laney and Ed Pitre.  All four members became President of the Club one after the other beginning in 1986. During this time the $100 Travel Draw was started raising over $200,000 for the Headstart Building. There were 24 members and in 1990 over 40 and 2000 over 60


The Moncton West Riverview Annual Ticket Draw , since then has raised 1.5 million dollars.


1985                          December 11th was the official opening of the newly renovated facilities at Headstart and the completion of our major fund raiser project


                                    Our Club Bulletin was called the Rotarian


                                    December Annual Christmas Party held at Cy’s Seafood upstairs dining room prizes included best Christmas tie and best Christmas earings.


                                    July 21st 1985 Family Ball Game and Pool Party at Greg Turners


1986                          October 4th and 5th our Fund Raiser was Auto Rama at the Moncton Coliseum.  Greater Moncton Best Antique and Classic Show Cars on display. Drawing for 1937 Jaguar SS was part of the major Fund Raiser


                                    the Rotary Club undertook a garden project at the Moncton Hospital


                                    Annual Christmas Party Dec. 5th at Cy’s Seafood with Annual most gorgeous tie award


1987                          Auto Rama Custom Car Show Oct. 3rd and 4th


                                    924s Porsche Car Draw took place at Champlain Mall Friday June 26th  ($100 tickets)


                                    The Club Newsletter was called The Club Bulletin


                                    The Club took on the District responsibility for RYLA, with Bob Cameron as Chairman our Club has always been the champion of this District Program with the program being taken over by Mike Walsh to present date


                                    The Moncton Club sponsored a new breakfast Club – Rotary Club of Riverview, with the name of our Club changed to the Rotary Club of Moncton West


                                    November 27th Motion: That the Moncton West Riverview Rotary Club transfer the Headstart Property located at 1111 Mountain Rd. to Moncton Headstart Inc. subject to obtaining sufficient financing to liquidate the Rotary Club commitment to the National Bank of $155.000


1988                          February 5th we changed location from Ming Garden to Keddy’s Brunswick what is called Crowne Plaza today, Dave Close was President


1989                          January 11th the Rotary Club published its first annual New Year’s Supplement


                                    December 20th Moncton West Rotary Club proudly presented it’s second annual Greetings supplement


                                    Sept 14th Lobster Party annual all you can eat bash at Brian and Tammy Steeves cottage .  Cooks were Ted Tedford and Ed Pitre

                                    24 members and 4 guests attended. 195 lbs of canners 105 lbs market 5 t bone steaks 11lbs potato salad, 10 lbs coleslaw, 9 24 beer and one wine cooler 2 liters.  A good time was held by all


1990                          our Annual Ham & Potato Scallop was major event


                                    December 19th Moncton West Rotary Club published third annual Greeting Supplement


                                    January Charter Night was held at the Officers Mess CFB Moncton and the guest speaker was the Hon. Richard Hatfield.  It was one of his last formal public presentations.  The meal was a hip of beef.


1991                          Christmas Tree Sales at Home Hardware, Coverdale Road was a success for the Club.  This fund raiser raised $4000.


1992                          Sports Draw raised more than $15,000 this was led by Ian Franklin and Alan McLellan


1993                          The Rotary Club of Riverview and our Club merged to become the Rotary Club of Moncton West & Riverview (rather than Moncton West-Riverview) which was the previous name.


1995                          October 28th Annual Car Rally was held and ended at the Pepin in Notre dame de Kent


1996                          April 18th our Rotary Rusty Spokes were in the Dynamites Tournament won their final game 7-5 against the UNB Red Faces ,  They were all willing to sign autographs after our Friday’s meeting.


1997                         our News letter as called 9th Floor Reporter


                                    May 29th –June 3rd The GSE team from South Korea was hosted by our club


                                    The Big Band Dances were held for 3 years the first two years were at the Hotel Ballroom and the third was held at the Coliseum


1998                          first year of annual Golf Classic (Investor Group) has raised in excess of $500,000


1999                          August 21st Annual Pool Party at Ty Steeves home   


2001                          February 18th at our regular meeting an IOU was left on the table for the fines levied that day in the amount of $3. we are still looking for payment.  Will the guilty party please identify him or herself.


                                    The bulletin name by popular vote became MW-R Rotary Times


                                    December Filler Up Food Drive the project was conceived by Gary Cooke to fill a tractor trailer with non perishable food for the Food Bank  One and a half tractor trailers were filled.  The food and cash donations totaled $45,000 in value.


2003                          Ted Tedford one of our Founding Members had 30 years of perfect attendance


2 Rotary Institute was held in Moncton and many of our members were on the Host Committee. A very successful RYLA Program was also conducted at that time at Centennial Rotary Lodge with our Club providing the major leadership role


                                    March 30th was the official of our Rotary Lodge at Mapleton Park

                                    A major project for the club


                                    Moncton West and Riverview Club established their first web site


                                    Reading program at Edith Cavell School  well underway


Paint the Town was introduced to the club this year as a club project. Since that time 8 houses in total have been done over the years

2004                            Legs for Literacy an Annual 5 and 10 kilometer run was sponsored by the Club


2012                           for the second time our Club has had a District Governor, Past     President Alan McLellan for the 2012-2013


Mike Walsh was designated District Governor Elect for 2014-2015



Some of our most recent projects we are still obtaining information on eg. Shelter Box , Youth Residency, Rotary Choir, Pond Hockey, Polio Plus and who can verify when our first woman Rotarian became a member of the Club, any further information from members would be appreciated.